Project Management

Change Order Template

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This is a change order template that I have found to be effective. 

David T. Hui

Project Status Reporting Template

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Attached is a very quick and dirty status reporting template that we send to our customers on a weekly basis to provide a high level view of our project progress. Generally this is something consumed by an executive sponsor.  It's a nice, concise single PowerPoint slide that provides a high level snapshot of the current health of the project.  The slide master should be customized with your own logo and we generally save it as a PDF before sending it out so it can be easily viewed and shared.

Simple client "expectation containment" tool

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This document is used to successfully manage client expectations from the discovery workshops that we perform for our clients. This is a simple but very effective document that we customize for each workshop and client situation and is almost always one of the main reasons our workshop clients are satisfied.

Project Status Report Template

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This Project Status Report Template is intended for Project Managers to provide their client and other team members a report on the project. It is in a Word Template format and in intended to be installed in the directory where your Microsoft Office Templates reside.

Internal Project Review Form

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Internal Project Review Form:  This Excel based scorecard-like form allows organizational leadership to quickly ascertain high level status of a project.  Can be sent to either your PM or to other leaders on the project for them to quickly relate status or risk items as the answers are predefined and presented as a dropdown choice. Questions on the form include:

  1. How is the project running relative to its original schedule?
  2. Relative to planned scheduled, future schedule of acitivity is __?
  3. How is the project running relative to its original scope?
  4. Relative to the current state of the project, can the project be delivered as designed?
  5. Relative to the current state of the project, can the project be delivered as budgeted?
  6. Relative to the current state of the project, is staffing adequate to complete the work as designed?
  7. Describe the customer's current  satisfaction with the project
  8. When was the last time you sat down with the Customer to discuss project issues/risk/status?
  9. Describe the Team's level of satisfaction with the overall Project
  10. What percentage of project Issues have exceeded their target resolution date? 
  11. Are you performing the work that is stated for you in the SOW? 

Client Engagement Management Plan

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Engagement Management Plan: This framework describes the way a client consulting engagement is managed by defining the project charter, listing key people, and the way regular events such as status meetings, time reporting, change management, etc and exceptions such as schedule/cost/scope slip, risks, escalations are handled, and the templates and forms used to accomplish each objective.

Go Live - Technical Checklist

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Project Go Live - Technical Checklist:  This checklist contains a list of tasks and deliverables in order to determine the readiness of an application to Go live. It is usually prepared by the project manager and reviewed by the technical team. Sign-off of this document is crucial in ensuring a successful technical implementation.

Project Post Mortem Process

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Project Post Mortem Process

Project Financials Worksheet

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This is an Excel Spreadsheet that tracks a project's financials (planned to actual).

Areas Including:

  • Forecast
  • Plan
  • Bill Rates
  • Summary
  • Change Log


Services Engagement Status Report

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This sample status report is a concise way of conveying project heath.  The format was developed over years of practical experience and academic research for project management.

It outlines:

  • Accomplishments for the Period
  • Milestones Completed
  • Budget Measurements
  • Outstanding Action Items
  • Open Issues
  • Risk Areas