Managing Your Profile and Permissions
Contacting Members Through the Site
Benchmark Survey and Results
Executive Breakfasts
Library - Accessing Documents
Library - Contributing Documents
Sponsorship and Advertising
What is the difference between registering as a guest and purchasing a premium membership?
PSVillage has provided a comparison chart to help you determine the membership level to best support your career goals. Please visit http://psvillage.com/join to review the different benefit levels.
How do I upgrade my membership from Guest to Premium?
Login and click on “My Profile”, then click on “Upgrade to Premium”. It will take you to a checkout page. Click the “Checkout “ button which will take you to a secure page where you can provide your credit card information.
I have been a "Legacy" member for several years - I originally registered on Yahoo Groups. How do I access the site and what is included in "Legacy Membership"?
“Legacy” members will receive the same level of service they received as a member of our Yahoo Groups, such as access to the discussion forums, newsletter, PS Pulse (formerly Voice of the Village) and Member Spotlight. If you'd like to have full access to content on the site, including the Library, and the ability to network with your peer level, you will need to upgrade to a Premium (Paid) Membership or submit an artifact to the PSVillage Library to receive a year of free membership. Contact PSVillage for details.
 To access the site, you must enter your login information and update your profile (by clicking on “My Profile” which you'll find at the top of each page). You should have received communication from PSVillage with your login information. If you did not receive this information or have misplaced it, please contact us.
How do I upgrade from Legacy Membership to Premium Membership?

There are 2 ways to upgrade your Legacy Membership to Premium:

  1. You can submit a Library artifact which, if accepted, will qualify for a year of free premium membership.  See instructions below on how to upload the artifact. After you’ve uploaded it, please contact us and we’ll upgrade your membership to Premium.
  2. Login and click on “My Profile”, then click on “Upgrade to Premium”. It will take you to a checkout page. Click the “Checkout “button which will take you to a secure page where you can provide your credit card information.
How does the autorenewal work? 
To ensure uninterrupted access to PSVillage, we will automatically renew your membership each year. We will notify you in advance via email that your subscription is coming up for renewal. You can cancel at any time. See below for instructions on how to cancel your subscription.
How do I cancel my membership subscription?
Login and click on “My Profile”, then scroll down to the Membership area and click on the “Cancel Renewal” link.
I am concerned about how my information will be used. How does PSVillage use my information?
We are as concerned about safeguarding your privacy and information as we are about safeguarding our own. We don’t like it when other social networking sites take liberty with our information. In fact, we really despise that tactic and it is one we have no intention of employing on PSVillage. We do not rent or sell lists – ever! And we will not share your information with third parties. We may aggregate information to better understand the demographics of our membership and provide that information to our advertisers but we will never provide specific information about you or your account. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
I am interested in learning more about a Corporate Membership and receiving a group discount. What is the process for doing this?
Please contact us to discuss/purchase a Corporate Membership.
How can I get more involved and play more of an active role in PSVillage?
We are always interested in talking with members who would like to get involved in the community. We offer a number of different ways to participate as a volunteer. To learn more, contact us.
Managing Your Profile and Permissions
How do I edit my Profile?
Editing your profile is easy. Click on “My Profile” at the top of any site page, and then click “Edit Profile”.
I do not want to display my profile or allow members to contact me. How do I make my profile invisible?
While signed into your account select “My Profile” at the top of any page then select “Edit Profile”. Scroll down and click on “Privacy Settings”. You can manage multiple privacy settings from this section of your profile.
How do I control my email communication from PSVillage?
While signed into your account select “My Profile” at the top of any page then select “Edit Profile”. Scroll down and click on “Email Notifications”. Uncheck the boxes of emails you do not want to receive.
How do I delete my account?
You can easily delete your account by clicking on “My Profile” and then “Change Username or Password”. Scroll all the way to the bottom of that page and click on the “Delete Account” button. It will ask you to confirm that you want to delete it. Click “Delete”.
What does the "Contributor Status" refer to and how can I keep climbing higher mountains?
This idea was inspired by a PSVillage Member who climbed Mt. Kiliminjaro on his 50th birthday! The point system is simply a way to acknowledge and reward our members for their contributions to the Professional Services community. The more contributions you make the more points you earn, and the more points you have the higher the mountain!!! The point system, which is subject to change, is as follows:
Submission Type  Number of Points Earned
PS Pulse Article 20
Library Artifact        20
Member Spotlight   20
Posting a Forum Question 20
Answering a Forum Question  20
Contacting Members Through the Site
I cannot search or find other members. Why?
PSVillage is a vetted community and our members expect privacy. Guest accounts cannot search our member database. You must upgrade to premium to get access to this feature. 
How do I search for a member’s profile?
There are two ways to search other members: First, you can search for all content associated with a member or members by entering part of their name in the search box at the top right of all pages. This search will result in an extensive list of items. You will need to pay close attention to the type for each and click on the one labeled “profile”. The second and more direct method is to click on “Member Center” in the right navigation bar and then select “Search Members’ Profiles.” This search will narrow your results to only member profiles. (Please note that members who have their privacy setting turned on will not be visible.)
How do I contact other members via email?
Log in and search for the member you would like to contact. (To search for a member, follow the instructions above.) Then click on that member’s profile, scroll down to the section “About Me,” and click on “Contact Me.”
Benchmark Survey and Results
Do I qualify to complete the Professional Services Industry Benchmark Survey?
To participate in the Benchmark Survey, you must be a consulting or professional services manager with staff and P&L responsibility. Your company must have at least 10 employees with at least 5 employees in the professional services organization.  PSVillage reserves the right to remove any survey data if the company or submitter does not meet these qualifications.
How do I complete the Benchmark Survey?
If you are not a PSVillage member, register as a Guest or Premium Member.  After you register, select “My Profile” at the top of the page, and then "PS Benchmark Survey," located in the upper right corner of your profile page.  Questions? Please contact us.
What are the benefits of completing the survey?
By participating, you’ll be contributing to a community-developed and supported resource designed to help managers optimize their professional services organization.  Premium Members with services P&L responsibility who complete the Benchmark Survey will receive complimentary access to the survey results.
Do I need to be a PSVillage Member to purchase the survey results?
No, anyone can purchase the PSVillage Professional Services Industry Benchmark results. However, if you are a professional services manager with P&L responsibility and you complete the survey, you'll receive complimentary access to the results for 1 year.  If you do not qualify to complete the survey, you can still obtain a 20% discount on the survey price by becoming a Premium Member. 
What is included in the survey results?
The benchmark allows professional services executives to compare and evaluate their PS organization’s performance compared to similar organizations in the following areas: human resources, finance, and operations.

Human resources metrics are provided for 19 different roles throughout professional services organizations—management, sales support, operations, and services delivery. For each of the roles surveys, the metrics include years of experience in the role, target billable utilization, billable rate per hour, average salary, target bonus as a percentage of the base salary, and percent travel. Finance and operations metrics include gross margin target; operating income margin; PS selling, marketing, and practice development expenses target percentages; average margin on indirect revenue; percentage of projects that are fixed price vs time and materials—and many more. Download the complete list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics.

The data is presented in table format with 12 charts depicting the key metrics. You can filter the data on demand based on geography, company revenue, professional services revenue, professional services headcount, and delivery model, providing you with the industry metrics that are most relevant to your organization. There is no voluminous report that you have to wade through to find the important information of interest to you.
How do I access the survey results?
To access the survey results, paid subscribers may login and click View Survey Results, which can be found under Resources in the righthand navigation column. Alternatively, you can go to My Profile page and select PS Benchmark Results.
The survey is described as “continuous.”  What does this mean?
As more and more professional services executives complete the survey, their data is dynamically aggregated into the benchmark results.  At all times, you have real-time access to real-time information.  For example, if you purchase “1 year access” to the results on January 1, 2012 you can view the survey results at any time through December 31, 2012—always seeing the most current aggregate results including all surveys completed to date.
Executive Breakfasts
What are the attendance requirements to participate in a PSVillage Executive Breakfast?

View attendance requirements here.

What is your policy on refunds if I am not able to attend an event after registering?

View our refund policy here.

How do I manage my participation in the community forums?
PSVillage has a multi-tier forum and you can control your forums by managing the forum section of your profile.   While signed into your account select “My Profile” at the top of any page. Then click on the “Edit Profile”. Scroll down and click on “Forums.” It will display a list of forums in which you can participate. Click on all forums that you’d like access to. Be sure to also set your setting for frequency of emails or no email. Remember to click on “Save” after updating your settings. 
I cannot see or participate in the forum conversations. Why?
PSVillage is a vetted community. Our members expect that their conversation will be with peers from the IT Professional Services Industry. Guests must upgrade their account to Premium to get access to PSVillage Forums.
Where can I read the Forum Bylaws so I know what is appropriate to post?
PS Pulse
How do I submit an article to be published in PS Pulse?
PS Pulse is an online magazine that is written by our PSVillage community. We encourage any of our members to submit articles, which are reviewed by our editorial staff before they are published. You can find information about becoming a PSVillage author by visiting http://psvillage.com/page/become-a-columnist.
I’d like to be spotlighted in the Member Spotlight. What is the process to do this?
We love to spotlight our members and give our community a glimpse into their personal and professional lives. If you'd like to be included in the Member Spotlight, please contact us.
Library - Accessing Documents
What is the PSVillage Library?
The PSVillage Library—the first open source project of its kind in the professional services industry—provides a rich repository of relevant and practical information for all PS leaders, whether you are just launching a professional services organization or you are managing a mature services business. Because all content has been contributed by PSVillage members, many of whom have many years of experience in the professional services industry, you'll find the Library to be a unique and valuable resource that will help provide solutions to challenges you face in your day-to-day job activities. Every documentis reviewed for relevance and value, and must meet PSVillage's exacting standards to be included in the library. Please check back regularly since new documents are uploaded frequently.
Who can access the Library?
You must be a Premium Member to access the Library content. For a limited time, you will receive one year of Premium Membership if you contribute at least one document that is approved. For more information on submitting documents, see the section below labeled “Library - Contributing Documents.”
How do I download a document in the Library?
If you are a Premium Member, you can download items within the library for free. First, be sure you are logged into PSVillage. Go to Search the Library, click on the document title, and select the green button labeled download below the abstract for the item. Please note that you must have the appropriate software (e.g., MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) to view the document. Guests can read the abstract, but must upgrade to Premium to download and view the document. 
How do I use the book bag  for easy retrieval?
The PSVillage book bag is a holding area for easy retrieval of library items that you want to quickly find again. On any page where there is a button Save to Book Bag, select it and the current item will be placed into your personal holding area. You may view the contents of your book bag by clicking the icon at the top of any page (when logged into your account).    
Library - Contributing Documents
Who is eligible to receive Premium Membership in return for submitting a document to the Library?
PSVillage is best suited to leaders managing a professional services team or organization in a product-centric company or a technical consulting firm. Our community is not suitable for HR managers, recruiters, or individual contributors. Please contact us if you have questions about whether you are eligible for Premium Membership. Your document submittal must be approved by PSVillage before you receive Premium Membership.
What types of documents are appropriate for the library?
 -      Documents that contain how-to on important PSO functions. Examples are: how to measure gross margin, cost of sales; how to deliver PS in a SaaS environment.
-       Documents that capture essential data and performance analytics. Examples are: spreadsheets with built-in formula for budget purposes; scheduling tools.
-       The document is a template for one of many documents used by PSO. Examples are: employee evaluation form; rate table; NDA; customer report.
-         Library submittals may include templates, models, guidelines, PowerPoint presentations, reports, sample agreements, sample proposals, project plans, or other documents of value to professional services organizations.   
-         The document must be practical, proven, reusable, and advance the knowledge of PSVillage members.
-         The document should not be industry, product, or technology specific (e.g., do not share a process for how to   optimize storage utilization or how to implement your company’s product).
-         You must have the legal right to upload and publicly share the document; do not submit documents that are proprietary or copyrighted. 
-         The document must advance the knowledge of PSVillage members; do not submit documents that are promotional or designed to promote your business.
What type of artifacts are not appropriate for the library?
- A narrative
- A product presentation
- Simple tools that can be created from first principles without specific PSO domain knowledge, such as a customer status sheet.
What are some examples of documents in the Library today?
-          Master Services Agreement template
-          Subcontractor work order
-          Excel-based risk assessment
-          Survey questions to measure customer satisfaction
-          Skills matrix to identify areas of strength/weakness across your team
-          Presentation on the impact of cloud computing on professional services
For more examples, see the PSVillage Library (as a Guest, you cannot download the document, but you can see the document description).
How do I prepare a document for the Library?
-        Documents can be in submitted in the following formats:  MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.
-        If the user does not need to alter or interact with the document, you may submit the document in pdf or jpg format.
-         If the document includes a company name, change all occurrences to <COMPANY>
-         If the document includes a client name, change all occurrences to <CLIENT>
-         If the document includes the current date, change all occurrences to <DATE>
How do I submit a document to the Library?
-        Log onto the PSVillage site as a Premium Member or Guest
-        Select the Library tab on the homepage
-        Select “Search Library”
-        Select “Add a Library Item”
-        Under “Library Topics,” from the pull-down menu, select the best category for your document.
Please contact us with any questions.
What happens after I submit my document?
-        Your document will be reviewed by the Library Team for appropriateness.
-        You will be notified if your document has been accepted for the Library
-         For a limited time, upon acceptance of your document, you will receive one year of Premium Membership ($295 value) at no charge
-         For each document posted, your name, title, photo and bio will appear with each document (so you will want to ensure that the content reflects positively on you)
-         You retain all rights to your intellectual property and can request it be removed at any time.
How do I revise or remove my document?
We will honor all requests from contributors to revise or remove their document(s). In addition, we reserve the right to remove documents that we deem unauthorized, proprietary, or inappropriate.  If you wish to remove your document, please contact us.  If you wish to revise a document, please submit the new document and indicate in your submission that it is a replacement.
Sponsorship and Advertising
How can my company become a sponsor of PSVillage?
For details on available sponsorship packages, please contact us
How can I advertise on PSVillage?
There are a number of ways in which you can reach our members, including adding a listing to the Marketplace, placing ads on both the PSVillage site and in our bi-weekly Newsletter, and Sponsorship. To learn more about advertising on PSVillage, please contact us.
Our company would like to partner with PSVillage. Who should we talk to?
We are always happy to talk to companies who think there could be mutual benefit in partnering and whose products and services contribute to advancing the knowledge of Professional Services practitioners. To discuss partnering opportunities, please contact us.