What is included in the survey results?

The benchmark allows professional services executives to compare and evaluate their PS organization’s performance compared to similar organizations in the following areas: human resources, finance, and operations.

Human resources metrics are provided for 19 different roles throughout professional services organizations—management, sales support, operations, and services delivery. For each of the roles surveys, the metrics include years of experience in the role, target billable utilization, billable rate per hour, average salary, target bonus as a percentage of the base salary, and percent travel. Finance and operations metrics include gross margin target; operating income margin; PS selling, marketing, and practice development expenses target percentages; average margin on indirect revenue; percentage of projects that are fixed price vs time and materials—and many more. Download the complete list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other metrics.

The data is presented in table format with 12 charts depicting the key metrics. You can filter the data on demand based on geography, company revenue, professional services revenue, professional services headcount, and delivery model, providing you with the industry metrics that are most relevant to your organization. There is no voluminous report that you have to wade through to find the important information of interest to you.