What types of documents are appropriate for the library?

- Documents that contain how-to on important PSO functions. Examples are: how to measure gross margin, cost of sales; how to deliver PS in a SaaS environment.
- Documents that capture essential data and performance analytics. Examples are: spreadsheets with built-in formula for budget purposes; scheduling tools.
- The document is a template for one of many documents used by PSO. Examples are: employee evaluation form; rate table; NDA; customer report.
- Library submittals may include templates, models, guidelines, PowerPoint presentations, reports, sample agreements, sample proposals, project plans, or other documents of value to professional services organizations.
- The document must be practical, proven, reusable, and advance the knowledge of PSVillage members.
- The document should not be industry, product, or technology specific (e.g., do not share a process for how to optimize storage utilization or how to implement your company’s product).
- You must have the legal right to upload and publicly share the document; do not submit documents that are proprietary or copyrighted.
- The document must advance the knowledge of PSVillage members; do not submit documents that are promotional or designed to promote your business.