Managing Business Operations

Whitepaper - Aligning Services Measures and Metrics to the Subscription (SaaS) Paradigm


Today many software companies and their Professional Services (PS) leaders are operating with subscription business models. More than half of the PS organizations surveyed in the most recent PSVillage Benchmark operate using this paradigm. In order to be successful there is a need to look at things differently. This includes how we organize, how we measure success, and what we do to ensure our customers have a long and productive relationship with our company. Results are impacted by what you measure, and yet today, many Services leaders are unfamiliar with the subscription paradiagm metrics and measures. When Services leaders better understand the metrics and the overall impact to the economics of a subscription business, PS teams are better able to contribute to overall company success.

This whitepaper explores some of the measures and metrics and some of the tools that will help you make sense of the subscription paradigm and what to do to adapt and thrive as a Services leader.

DownloadFinal -Whitepaper Aligning Services Measures and Metrics to the Subscription Paradigm.pdf