Member Spotlight

Louise Lewisson

Occupation: Services Director (Manufacturing East), Kronos

First Car: 1960 Volkswagon

Favorite Restaurant: New Reboza, Oak Park, IL

Jim Mastalerz

Occupation: VP Solution Services, AdvizeX Technologies

First Car: Dodge Dart (Red)

Favorite Restaurant: East Side Grill, Northampton, Ma

Claire Hernandez

Occupation: Services Executive, formerly Managing Director, Kronos

First Car: Ford Escort

Favorite Restaurant: Woo Sang Chinese Restaurant. Manchester, England

Rula Kallas

Occupation: Director, Professional Services & Support, Celigo, Inc.

First Car:
Pontiac Grand Prix

Favorite Restaurant: my mom’s kitchen (literally); she never opened up a restaurant, although she should have

Irene F. Lefton

Occupation:  VP, Professional Services and Support, ABBYY USA
First Car:  Copper colored 1969 Dodge Dart. It was used, beat up and didn’t have matching wheels, but it got me around town to work and school.
Favorite Restaurant: China Stix in Santa Clara CA. I also love The Fish Market (many locations in CA) and Alioto’s on Fisherman’s Wharf.

James Willett

Occupation: VP, Product Management & Professional Services, Neustar

First Car: 1978 Chevy Caprice Classic

Favorite Restaurant: Volt (Frederick, MD)

Michael S. Kenny

Occupation: Managing Partner, Kenny & Company

First Car: Opel Astra. Red 1.3L

Favorite Restaurant: Vivande - St San Francisco, CA

Great Italian food, great atmosphere, and I can walk home.

Venkat Ratnam

Occupation: Sr Director & Head, North American PS, MetricStream

First Car: Toyota Celica (my brother was kind enough to give it to me!)

Favorite Restaurant: Mario’s Italiano, Mountain View, CA

Andrew Marks

Occupation: Vice President, Professional Services, Birst

First Car: 1970 Chevy Caprice

Favorite Restaurant: Town, San Carlos, CA

Jonah Lopin

Occupation: Vice President, Services, HubSpot

First Car: Mom's minivan... I was really cool in High School.

Favorite Restaurant: El Faro - Ribs in fruit sauce. Lobster in green sauce. Sangria. Home made chips.

Jeff Jarvis

Occupation: Chief Operating Officer, FreebeePay Inc. 

First Car: It was a 1972 Ford Pinto - this particular year had that exploding gas tank factory recall!

Favorite Restaurant: The Seven Mile Grill on Islamorada in the Florida Keys - best grouper sandwiches on the planet!

Deborah R. Hill

Occupation: Director of Professional Services, Backstop Solutions Group

First Car: 1980 Chevy Citation

Favorite Restaurant: Zia’s Trattoria in Edison Park (Chicago), Illinois

Peter Verrier

Occupation: Vice President, Global Head of Resource Management, SAP

First Car: Volkswagen Rabbit

Favorite Restaurant: Capitol Grille, Boston, MA

Steve Hultin

Occupation: Senior Director Worldwide PS Operations, Avid Technology

First Car: 1978 Dodge Aspen

Favorite Restaurant: Clay Hill Farm, Cape Neddick, ME

Bret Bowser

Occupation: Operations Manager, Eos Group

First Car:  1987 Volkswagen Golf GT

Favorite Restaurant: Izakaya Den, Denver, CO

Michael Parker

Occupation: Sr. Director – Global Services Marketing, CA Technologies

First Car: 1981 Datsun B-210 

Favorite Restaurant: My mom’s kitchen – nothing like a home cooked meal. 

Laura Roach

Name: Laura Roach 

Occupation: General Manager, Mid Market Business, Varicent Software           

First Car: White Ford Pinto - hand down from Dad 

Favorite Restaurant: Z-Tejas in Austin Texas

Brandon Fleisher

Occupation:  Director, IntelliTECH, Comverge, Inc.

First Car:  1987 Acura Integra - silver

Favorite Restaurant:  Tiffin (Indian) – Chicago, IL 

Steve DeViney

Occupation: Managing Director for the College of American Pathologists

First Car: 1967 Plymouth Fury 4-door (it was free) 

Favorite Restaurant: The Botin Restaurant on the Calle Cuchilleros in Madrid. Opened for business in 1725.

John Serri

Occupation: Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Manhattan Software Inc.

First Car: 1968 Chevy Impala, that was given to me by my father

Favorite Restaurant: I can honestly state I don’t have a favorite restaurant, or even a favorite food. I love all sorts of food, and unfortunately have consumed too much of it. 

Derek Wolf

Occupation: Vice President, Services, Taleo

First Car: 1982 Toyota Celica - loved that car

Favorite Restaurant: Edith's, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

But the best food is my Mom's kitchen - Jefferson City, MO

Amanda Berger

Occupation: Vice President of Professional Services, Guidance Software Inc.

First Car: Toyota Camry station wagon

Favorite Restaurant: Sushisamba, New York City

Sig Lackner

Occupation: Vice President, Global Services, Aravo Solutions

First Car: 1965 VW Beetle

Favorite Restaurant: Raoul’s, New York

Steve Bock

Occupation: Managing Director - Healthcare Solutions Group, CGI

First Car: Red 1964 ½ Ford Mustang that my father brought from Florida for me. This was the first year the Mustang was produced. I was the second owner. My father still has this in his collection
of classic cars.

Favorite Restaurant: The Red Bar, Grayton Beach, FL – The eclectic décor is part of the attraction, as well as the key lime pie.

Ricardo Gonzalez

Occupation: Vice President Professional Services, Rainmaker Systems

First Car: A used Renault 4 (French car) in South America

Favorite  Restaurant: Slanted Door (San Francisco, California)

Frank Lin

Occupation: Engagement Manager, Baynote

First Car: 1982 Pontiac Firebird

Favorite Restaurant:  Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant,  Sunnyvale, CA

Chakra Bokkisam

Occupation: Vice President, Professional Services, Verdasys, Inc

First Car: Toyota Corolla. It didn't take me too long to total it.

Favorite Restaurant:
Oishii Boston, Boston, MA They have always been able to surprise our guests from Japan.

Don Sloan

Occupation: Director, Professional Services, East and Canada, Adobe Systems

First Car:  73 LTD Brougham. It started with a screwdriver, only had shocks on the back, and the brakes were iffy. I loved that car.

Favorite Restaurant: Seafood: Legal Sea Foods, Boston
Date night: The Bay Tower Room Boston (awesome views)
Italian: Almost anything in the North End, Boston
Steakhouse - Chops, Atlanta (my new home town)

Greg Hribar

Occupation: Vice President, Consulting and Support Services, Managed Objects

First Car: 1962 Dodge Dart, a convertible with one of the first "push button" transmissions

Favorite Restaurant: Sardine Factory - Monterey, CA

Scott A. Snow

Occupation: Vice President, Implementations, JPMorgan Chase

First Car:  Red, 4-Speed, Mercury Capri with my boom box sandwiched between the bucket seats and plugged into the cigarette lighter. I loved that car.

Favorite Restaurant: Limon - San Francisco, CA

Rick Welch

Occupation:  SVP Professional Services, Unica Corporation

First Car: 1968 Chevy Nova

Favorite Restaurant: Papa Razzi in Concord and Burlington MA - Try the Lobster Ravioli if you visit.

Cameran Haire

Occupation: VP of Services, Fliqz

First Car: Honda Civic affectionately named Willy because the license plate was WIL999

Favorite Restaurant: Commis in Oakland, CA

It is run by a former sous-chef, so you get all the experience and talent without all the pomp and circumstance.

Jeff Peel

Occupation: Vice President, Professional Services, Accruent

First Car: 1984 Jeep Cherokee
Favorite Restaurant: Attilios in Dover  (it has a gluten free menu)

Ray Wolf

Occupation: CEO & Founder, Green Integrated Services

First Car: 1968 Ford F100 Pickup

Favorite Restaurant:  Roaring Fork - Austin, Texas.... no one beats their tortilla soup and fish tacos!

Dan Martino

Occupation: Director, Professional Services, Roundpeg, Inc.

First Car: 1988 Pontiac GTA, Red

Favorite Restaurant: Harris' Steakhouse, San Francisco

Matt Katz

Occupation: Vice President Services, Teknowledge

First Car: 1990 Chevrolet Berretta

Favorite Restaurant: Erna's Elderberry House, Oakhurst, CA

Scott Fletcher

Occupation: Vice President, Technical Consulting, Ultimate Software

First Car: 1972 Mercury Capri

Favorite Restaurant: Oude Molen, Nieuw Vennep, (suburb of Amsterdam) Holland. The Oude Molen (Old Windmill) was a regular haunt when I lived in Holland.

Rajesh Setty

Occupation:  President, Suggestica, Inc.

First Car: 1997 Nissan Altima

Favorite Restaurant: Sweet Tomatoes

Mahesh Baxi

Occupation:  Chief Operating Officer, ThoughtWorks

First Car: 1992 Toyota Corolla

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden, South San Jose

Michael Yinger

Occupation: Principal, Customer Solutions, Inc.

First Car: '69 Buick Le Sabre. Big enough for 6 people and 3 kegs (in the trunk).

Favorite Restaurant: Kimono, a sushi restaurant - Parker, CO

Bill Morton

Occupation: VP of Professional Services, Acesis

First Car: 1960 used (aka pre-owned) blue Ford Falcon. I drove this car cross-country from Boston to California.

Favorite Restaurant: Thai Garden, Mountain View, CA

Cindy L. Warner

Occupation: Managing Director, AlixPartners

First Car: 1976 Chevy Nova, 4 door, green with light green vinyl top.

Favorite Restaurant: The Boathouse, Old Mission Peninsula, MI

Jodi Cicci

Occupation:  President & CEO, TOP Step Consulting, LLC

First Car: Buick Regal - a hand me down from my parents while in college.

Favorite Restaurant: Melting Pot

Jon Harris

Occupation: SVP - Services, Ultimate Software

First Car: '73 rusted out Chevy Vega. You could actually see the road underneath the driver side floor board.

Favorite Restaurant: Zia's - St. Louis (on the hill)

Debbie Stovall

Occupation: Strategist, SuccessRealities, LLC

First Car: '68 Chevy Impala

Favorite Restaurant: The Palm, Atlanta, GA

James A. Alexander

Occupation: Founder, Alexander Consulting

First Car: 1963 Dodge Pickup

Favorite Restaurant: Double Nichol Pub, Pine Island, FL

Scott Monaghan

Occupation:  Sr. Director, Global Service Engineering, Hitachi Data Systems

First Car: 1971 VW Beetle

Favorite Restaurant: The Shipwreck Grill, Brielle, NJ

Joe Longo

Occupation:  VP Professional Services, MetricStream

First Car: It was actually a bicycle: "Borsari Bicycles" - he was an Olympic gold medalist. But my first car that wasn't a bicycle was a British Morris 1100

Favorite Restaurant: Kabab Hut, Pune India
Awesome spicy dishes derived from Afghanistan nomads

Stephen R. Satterwhite

Occupation: President and CEO, Entelligence LLC

First Car: A 1976 Powder Puff Blue Ford Pinto with 158,000 miles on it (Yeah, I know)

Favorite Restaurant: Our own kitchen.
Almost every weekend, my wife and I cook a big, hearty Italian feast for our family and friends. The wine and conversations flow freely.

Stuart Malcolm Scott

Occupation: CEO & Chief Conversation Starter, Guinnen MacRath

First Car: 1978 Honda Civic

Favorite Restaurant: I love the pancakes at our little local diner, The Rock Cafe here in Glen Rock, NJ.

Peter Sa

Occupation: VP Global Services and Education, Vision Solutions

First Car: 1983 Camaro Z28 with Crossfire Fuel Injection. It was sweet!

Favorite Restaurant: Greek Islands Restaurant, Chicago IL

Corregan Brown

Occupation: VP Professional Services, ProjectLocker / One Percent Software

First Car: 1996 Dodge Stratus Sedan

Favorite Restaurant: Garrison's - Atlanta, GA - it's just a consistently strong restaurant with great steaks, pleasant atmosphere, and good service.

Steve Mollen

Occupation: Owner, Peak Consulting

First Car: 1976 Plymouth Volare

Favorite Restaurant: Brother's Pizza, East Brunswick, NJ

Nello Franco

Occupation: Acting VP, Field Operations, SCOPIX

First Car: 1979 Fiat 128

Favorite Restaurant: La Toppa, San Donato, Italy

Jean Pommier

Occupation: Program Director, Service Engineering & Marketing, IBM

First Car: Ford Granada, although a late model, I'm not that old or a car collector!

Favorite Restaurant: Thoumieux, 79 rue Saint Dominique, 75015 Paris (yes, in France!)

Mike Lopez

Occupation: Senior Director - Central Region,

First Car: Used Chevy Chevette (a graduation gift) - It could only get better!

Favorite Restaurant: Cafe 36, LaGrange, IL

Bryan Cruwys

Occupation: Vice President of Client Services - SilkRoad Technology, Inc.

First Car: 1976 Camaro

Favorite Restaurant: Arun's in Chicago for a night out, or Taco Grill in Westmont with the boys.

Tom Minick

Occupation: Management Consultant, Catalyst Advisors

First Car: 1957 Chevy

Favorite Restaurant: Chloe's, San Francisco

M. M. "Sath" Sathyanarayan

Occupation: President, Global Development Consulting, Inc.

First Car: An old Plymouth Valiant

Favorite Restaurant: BJ's in Cupertino, CA - They serve a variety of foods

Randy Mysliviec

Occupation: President, RTM Consulting, LLC

First Car: 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais (but not my father's Oldsmobile)

Favorite Restaurant: Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa

Greg Horne

Occupation:  Director, Deloitte Consulting

First Car: 1967 Chevrolet Impala

Favorite Restaurant: Manuel's Restaurant, Aptos, CA

Jeff Wilhelm

Occupation: Vice President Global Services, Consona Corp.

First Car: Toyota Tercel - Fire Red

Favorite Restaurant: Sycamore Grill - Social Circle, GA.

Jay Rosenfeld

Occupation: CEO & Consultant, Crescent Solutions

First Car: 1966 Chevy Chevelle

Favorite Restaurant: Hoover's Cooking - Austin, TX (great Southern cooking)

David Maister

Occupation: Author and Consultant

First Car: I honestly can't remember. I'm not that into cars - I didn't learn to drive until I was 27 years old, and don't own a car today. I commute to work in airplanes!

Favorite Restaurant: Why would I like restaurants when I'm married to Kathy? Check out her videos at STARTCOOKING.COM

George Chen

Occupation: Director, Strategos

First Car: 1987 Ford Tempo

Favorite Restaurant: Jean Georges, NYC

Rick Hubbard, Phd

Occupation: Managing Director, Growth Systems, Inc.

First Car: MG Midget (Tre Cool!)

Favorite Restaurant: Arnolfo Ristorante, Siena, Italia

Local Favorite:Jardiniere, San Francisco, CA

Jeff Boyce

Occupation: SVP, Professional Services & Support, Aderant

First Car: 1965 Datsun 1600 Roadster

Favorite Restaurant: North Pond in Lincoln Park, Chicago

JuliAn Coy

Occupation: Director of Client Services, Explore Consulting

First Car: 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7

Favorite Restaurant: Metropolitan Grill, Seattle, WA

Steven Giangregorio


Occupation: SVP, Services & Support, BridgeHead Software

First Car: 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix (with the 1/2 vinyl roof - it was quite a ride!)

Favorite Restaurant: Little Richards BBQ, Clemmons, NC

Kevin M. Pereau

Occupation: Sr. Director, ISV Ecosystems, Novell

First Car: Austin Healey Sprite

Favorite Restaurant: The Fair Haven Inn, Fair Haven, Vermont

Michael Resnick

Occupation: Director, Two Degrees Consulting

First Car: 1968 Pontiac Parisienne

Favorite Restaurant: Cafe Indochine, Federal Way, Washington

Don Swalinski

Occupation: Director of Professional Services, Prolifics

First Car: 1965 Bel Air

Favorite Restaurant: Tijuana Flats (Mexican) and Goodfellas (Pizza) in Orlando

D.Chip Newton

Occupation:  Manager, Emerging Solutions, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

First Car: My parent's 1967 Lt. Blue Pontiac Station Wagon (driving it to school was ever so cool - not!)

Favorite Restaurant:Top Flr, Midtown - Atlanta, GA

Udi Keidar

Occupation: VP of Professional Services and Support, Clicksoftware

First Car: 1984 Ford Escort

Favorite Restaurant: NG, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Oscar O'Connor

Occupation: Professional Services Director, Selex Communications 

First Car: A ghastly Mini Metro - the only thing I could afford!

Favorite Restaurant: Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons, Great Missenden -outside Oxford, England.

Kathy-Anne McManus

Occupation: Services Director - Asia Pacific. Avid Technology Inc.

First Car: 1976 Holden Gemini - with faded metallic blue paint that probably matched my eye shadow at the time.

Favorite Restaurant: Jonah's Restaurant Whale Beach, Sydney Australia.

David Muskatel

Occupation: Managing Director US Technology Practice, Pitney Bowes Software

First Car: Saab 900. I loved that car, but it was in the shop a lot. I'm a Toyota fan now.

Favorite Restaurant: Tia Queta, Bethesda, MD. Great small local Mexican restaurant.

Scott Liewehr

Occupation: Principal, onesta

First Car: Hyundai Excel

Favorite Restaurant: Might just have to be Chick-fil-A, since we don't have them in New York.

Bruce Irving

Occupation:  Director of Professional Services, JasperSoft

First Car: Nissan Sentra

Favorite Restaurant: Veritas, New York City, NY

Marc Attal

Occupation: Director of Professional Services & Product Management, Atronic Systems.

First Car: 2 CV (2 Chevaux from Citroën)

Favorite Restaurant: Ze Kitchen (Paris)

Chuck D'Antonio

Occupation: Head Concierge (Senior Director, Professional Services) Acquia, Inc.

First Car: 1978 Buick LeSabre. "It was only a two door, but it was 17 feet long!"

Favorite Restaurant: Arrows, Ogunquit, ME

Sean Desmond

Occupation: VP Americas, Informatica Corp

First Car: 1971 Mercury Bobcat 

Favorite Restaurant: Deluxe, Wilmington, NC

Robert Freedman

Occupation: Product Management, Telegent Systems

First Car: VW Bug (bought it for $600 and restored it)

Favorite Restaurant: La Ciccia - Sardinian food located in Noe Valley, San Francisco.

Keith McInish

Occupation: Vice President of Professional Services; Seagull Software

First Car: 1972 Fiat Sport Coupe

Favorite Restaurant: Joe's Stone Crab - Miami, FL

Uriah Hakala

Occupation: Director - Worldwide Professional Services and Support, Kapow Technologies

First Car: Dodge Colt. A 4-dr sedan in a pasty beige color, with a powerful 68hp engine!

Favorite Restaurant: Chicago Chop House - Chicago, IL. and SW Steakhouse at the Wynn - Las Vegas, NV.

Doug Richards

Occupation: Sr. Director of Professional Services, OpenAir

First Car: 1986 Mazda 626

Favorite Restaurant: Heaven on 7 - Chicago, IL

Stan Beck

Occupation: Client Relationship Executive, Bottomline Technologies

First Car: 1958 Renault (that required NO key to start-it)

Favorite Restaurant: The Varsity - various GA locations

Charles Rattray

Occupation: Regional Practice Lead - NA, BMC Software

First Car: I wanted an Alpha Beta Spyder. I got a Honda Prelude which I named 'Cedes'.

Favorite Restaurant: Christopher's American Bar & Grill, Covent Garden, London. It wasn't about the food or the location; just a special moment for my wife and I.

Brandon Walsh

Occupation: Consulting Manager , Deltek

First Car: I don't remember the year, but it was an old brown Oldsmobile Cutlass with a 3-inch thick rear wooden bumper.

Favorite Restaurant: Morton's Steakhouse, Reston, VA - (I love a medium cooked filet mignon paired with a California cabernet sauvignon!)

Jeff Merrick

Occupation: Director, Professional Services, RightNow Technologies

First Car: 1976 Ford Mustang II (with a luggage rack)

Favorite Restaurant: Thep Phenom in San Francisco

Andrea Mulligan

Occupation: Director, Professional Services, Gomez, Inc.

First Car: 1978 AMC Concord

Favorite Restaurant: Alcapulcos in Norwood, MA The Fish Tacos are great!

Franck Fauvel

Occupation:  Owner & President , SPM Solutions

First Car:  Hyundai Scoupe LS (bright yellow!)

Favorite Restaurant:  Marcel's, Washington, DC

Javed Maqsood

Occupation: Strategic Advisor - Payments and IT Systems, Linden Lab 

First Car: 1979 Datsun 210

Favorite Restaurant: Churasco's, Houston, TX

David Klumb

Occupation:  VP, Global Professional Services, Teradata Corporation

First Car: 1971 Chevy Malibu

Favorite Restaurant: Atlanta Fish Market - Buckhead GA

Jason Jones

Occupation:  Vice President, Professional Services, Crossgate, Inc.

First Car: 1969 Pontiac GTO

Favorite Restaurant: Anything cajun and all kinds of soup!

Amy Stuart

Occupation:  VP of Professional Services Delivery, GTSI

First Car:  1982 Cadillac Cimarron - which sounds impressive but it was basically a Chevy Cavalier with a nice hood ornament.

Favorite Restaurant:  Thep Phanom, Thai Restaurant - San Francisco, CA

V. Balasubramanian

Occupation:  Senior Vice President, Professional Services, Northstar

First Car: Toyota Celica GT

Favorite Restaurant: Amma, 246E 51st Street, NY

Jerry Fain

Occupation:  Vice President, Professional Services, Bullhorn

First Car: 1975 Dodge Dart, 3 speed on the column (dad's hand-me-down)

Favorite Restaurant: The Sailfish, Singer Island, FL

Gregory Lane

Occupation:  Area Manager,  Professional Services Northeast, NetApp

First Car: 1970 VW Fastback that was crashed by my friend. Bought it for $50 and did a complete rebuild.

Favorite Restaurant: Beluccio's Rye, NY - A great family owned/operated Italian restaurant that I have been going to since I was a kid.

Beth Bawcombe

Occupation: Vice President, Information Technology - Cambridge Global Services, Inc.

First Car: Chevy Chevelle

Favorite Restaurant: Zatinya in Washington, DC

Sanjay Verma

Occupation: DVP, Strategic Planning and Global Initiatives Strategic Services and Partners, PTC

First Car: Custom Built 2 seater on a Triumph Frame and Engine, It was a complete 'Lemon'.

Favorite Restaurant: The Paris House, Woburn Abbey, MK, UK.

Read Norton

Occupation: Director, Professional Services, NetSuite

First Car: 1974 Jeep CJ-5. H pattern transmission with only 3 forward gears.

Favorite Restaurant: Kitayama - Newport Beach, CA

Kimberly Hopman

Occupation: Vice President, Services, Americas, Hubwoo

First Car: Datsun B210
Favorite Restaurant: MK's, Chicago, IL (Franklin Street)

Liam Downey

Occupation: President, The Redstone Group Inc.

First Car: A badly rusted 1973 Mini that lasted 2 weeks before the engine blew

Favorite Restaurant: Chicago Chop House, Downtown Chicago

Hanley Brite

Occupation: Organization and Leadership Consultant & Educator, Authentic Connections

First Car: Ford Falcon (Grey - ran like a tank)

Favorite Restaurant: Slanted Door - at the old location on Valencia St. in San Francisco

Beth Martinko

Occupation: VP of Technical Support, Avid

First Car: Rambler Station Wagon with 100,000 miles on it; it wouldn't stay running when stopped so I learned to be very good at timing stoplights!

Favorite Restaurant: La Petite Riche in Paris - best chicken and onions on the planet!