Beth Martinko

Occupation: VP of Technical Support, Avid

First Car: Rambler Station Wagon with 100,000 miles on it; it wouldn't stay running when stopped so I learned to be very good at timing stoplights!

Favorite Restaurant: La Petite Riche in Paris - best chicken and onions on the planet!

What are three things most people don't know about you?

a). That I would like to have a Japanese garden
b). That I live in a renovated chicken house in the country
c). That I enjoy an occasional recreational game of blackjack

What's been your greatest adventure in life?

Through supporting my autistic son, learning how to go with the flow and accept each new day as an opportunity for another victor, however small.

What's your best childhood memory?

Playing gin rummy for pennies with my parents and grandparents on summer vacations.
If you could have a conversation with a person of your choice, past, present or future, who would that person be and why?

Walt Disney - I love how he approached the combination of customer experience and technology to create an entire industry and approach to life.

What's the hardest thing you've ever done in your life?

Making peace with the fact that my son would need assistance his entire life - everything else suddenly became less important than equipping him for his life’s journey and, expressing to my daughter Katie, how proud her father and I are of the woman she has become! She has understood the time required to care for her brother, and she responded with love and compassion. (largely due to her grandmother’s influence).

Tell us about your favorite hobby.

I support my son’s deep interest in characters (Disney, Sesame Street, Universal, etc) and theater which has taken me to very interesting places and to develop relationships with very interesting people, all of whom are in the business for the love of entertainment.  I also read and play computer games.

What are you currently reading? What is your favorite book?

I just finished Carly Fiorna’s book “Tough Choices” which I found very interesting given that I am in the process of making a job change myself and I also lost my mom this year - while I’m not a CEO I found several parallels in our job experiences that were thought provoking.  I normally read mystery and thrillers (Janet Evonovich, Vincent Flynn, etc.). 

Although I never read romance novels, I joined an” Authors At Sea” cruise this past summer and traveled with 20 romance novelists and had a chance to listen to them about how they write and why they became authors which was totally fascinating (google me or"authors at sea"and you can read the article)

Is there a particular place or thing you want to see?

Disneyland Tokyo and Disneyland Hong Kong.

If you could give $10,000 to a charity, what would that charity be and why?

I regularly contribute to various autism charities and would spend all that I have to help find a cause and a treatment.

If you weren't on the professional services career track, what would you be doing?

I would be a “roadie” working for Vee Corporation (Sesame Street Live) or Feld Entertainment (Disney on Ice) traveling around the country bringing Big Bird and Elmo to children’s lives.

What is the path that led you to Professional Services/Consulting?

I am a service oriented person; I can’t walk thru the airport and hear someone asking a question without feeling a tug to stop and help them out.  Regardless of what role I take on, I always have a customer service approach to life. I’m a somewhat accidental visitor into the Professional Services role although I’ve now done it twice - in each case I was asked to bring an increased customer success focus role to the organization.

What advice would you give to a recent graduate who just took a job in professional?

Focus on the customer.  Understand what they need in the context of their business and then exceed their expectations; if you are their ambassador inside your company, you will learn a lot and you will be successful.