Claire Hernandez

Occupation: Services Executive, formerly Managing Director, Kronos

First Car: Ford Escort

Favorite Restaurant: Woo Sang Chinese Restaurant. Manchester, England

1. What are three things most people don’t know about you?

a.) I had a blue Mohawk and was a punk rocker when I lived in London
b.)I went parachuting in college
c.)I bungee jumped  out of a hot air balloon

2. What’s been your greatest adventure in life?

Having children!

3. What’s your best childhood memory?

I’m from Scotland and when I was a kid we had a caravan (trailer) and used to travel all round Europe. There’s one particular camp site at a small town in France called Groléjac that I have very fond memories of and would love to go back and visit.

4. If you could have a conversation with a person of your choice, past, present or future, who would that person be and why?

I would love to talk to Gandhi and try and understand from him the true meaning of peace and how I get there!

5. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Watch my 3 month old daughter get very sick and go through multiple surgeries. She’s a healthy 13 year old now I’m happy to say!

6. Tell us about your favorite hobby.

I run. I’m not sure it’s a hobby and I’m not sure I’m a runner but I do it regularly to keep my head and heart healthy!

7. What are you currently reading? What is your favorite book?
I’m reading Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. It’s a wonderful story. My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird.

8. Do you have a favorite app(s) you can’t live without?

Unfortunately I have several but two of them are the Nike Running app and the app that is a flashlight on my phone! I use it for midnight reading.

9. Is there a particular place or thing you want to see?

I would love to go to Fiji and spend a week in a cabin that is on stilts in the ocean. Maybe two weeks.

10. If you could give $10,000 to a charity, what would that charity be
and why?

Shriners Hospitals for Children because of the amazing care they provide at no fee for any child up to the age of 21.

10. If you weren’t on the professional services career track, what would you be doing?

I can’t imagine doing anything other than servicing customers in one way or another. Maybe dog walking?

11. What is the path that led you to Professional Services/Consulting?

I have always been in services my whole career and it has just evolved up the technology food chain. I started in newspapers and am now in software.

12. What advice would you give to a recent graduate who just took a job in professional services?

Conduct every aspect of your professional interactions with the customer experience in mind. While handling a situation in a way that benefits your business before the customer may be less expensive, troublesome or quicker, it will catch up to you in the long run. These things don’t have to be mutually exclusive but they can’t be exclusive to you and not the client.