Michael S. Kenny

Occupation: Managing Partner, Kenny & Company

First Car: Opel Astra. Red 1.3L

Favorite Restaurant: Vivande - St San Francisco, CA

Great Italian food, great atmosphere, and I can walk home.

What are three things most people don't know about you?
a) I played professional tennis for two years. Professional means it was my full-time occupation versus it was a profitable enterprise.
b)  I have a 4:58 mile from a very long time ago.
c) I climb Half Dome in Yosemite with three friends every year.

What's been your greatest adventure in life?
Adventure by definition implies unpredictability and excitement. Having three young children guarantees that every day. 

What's your best childhood memory?
Fishing with my Dad on Lough Sheelin, Co Meath, Ireland.

If you could have a conversation with a person of your choice, past, present or future, who would that person be and why?
I would like to meet myself in the future and give myself some sage advice.

What's the hardest thing you've ever done in your life?
Debugging a COBOL program that was written before I was born and included in-line documentation of “I do not know what this section does (includes detailed report???)but it seems to work - do not touch it”.

Tell us about your favorite hobby.
I love dry fly fishing on three weight rod with size 22 flies.

What are you currently reading? What is your favorite book?

I am currently reading Groundswell by Charlene Lee & Josh Bernoff. 
My favorite fiction book is probably David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.
My favorite text book is The Art and Science of Negotiation by Howard Raffia.

Is there a particular place or thing you want to see?

I would like to see the top of Mount Everest below my feet.

If you could give $10,000 to a charity, what would that charity be and why?
Anything to do with Homelessness particularly in regards to kids.  This is something we could eradicate as a society if we all cared enough.

If you weren't on the professional services career track, what would you be doing?
I would like to be competing against Roger Federer, but I love strategy and problem solving so it would be doing that in some fashion.

What is the path that led you to Professional Services/Consulting?
EDS offered me job in the UK after graduate school which given the unemployment level in Ireland at the time was amazing.  That put me on the consulting track which led to Accenture and now my own firm.

What advice would you give to a recent graduate who just took a job in professional services?
Be a student of the industry and every business you engage with.