Steve Levy

Occupation: Principal, Axsium Group

First Car: Hyundai Excel 1992 (it had air-conditioning which was a big bonus)

Favorite Restaurant:  Quartino Restaurant - Chicago, IL

What are three things most people don't know about you?

1. I traveled around the world in 1999 visiting China, Japan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.  I camped out in a tent for most of the trip; it was the last leg after working three years in the UK. 
2. I have hosted a cable access TV show in Chicago that featured local musicians.  It is a fun hobby that keeps me in ‘tune’ with the Chicago music scene. 
3. I co-founded a time and attendance and optimized scheduling software company in 2000, which we sold in 2003; we focused on restaurants, retail, and healthcare companies.

What's been your greatest adventure in life?

Living and working overseas in South Africa and the UK.

What's your best childhood memory?

Spending my summers in Eagle River, Wisconsin and running the sailing program at a camp, as well as playing ice hockey.

If you could have a conversation with a person of your choice, past, present or future, who would that person be and why?

Ayn Rand, I read her book The Fountainhead and have always been very intrigued with her perspective on business and life.

What's the hardest thing you've ever done in your life?

Tearing tendons in my foot and having to live with chronic pain, very humbling to know there are limitations.

Tell us about your favorite hobby.

Hosting a cable access TV show in Chicago and spending time with my family.

What are you currently reading? What is your favorite book?

I am currently reading Managing The Professional Service Firm by David Maister.

My favorite book of late is The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. Translated from German, this is a great short read about post war Germany.

Is there a particular place or thing you want to see?

I’d love to go on safari again in Africa, I’ve been to Shamwari twice.

If you could give $10,000 to a charity, what would that charity be and why

PAWS - Pets Are Worth Saving, I’m a huge dog fan, also  Cable Access Television in Chicago. I'm on the Board of Directors.

If you weren't on the professional services career track, what would you be doing?

Working for a mergers and acquisitions firm in the technology space, helping entrepreneurs, and hosting cable access shows once in a while.

What is the path that led you to Professional Services/Consulting?

After college I joined a healthcare software company traveling around the US implementing applications and running projects.  I loved the job and have had the professional services bug ever since.

What advice would you give to a recent graduate who just took a job in professional services?

Read lots of books on professional services, align yourself with a senior and well respected mentor, and don’t be afraid to learn other aspects of the business, especially finance, product management, and sales.  These will be invaluable down the road.