Get Involved

Getting involved is a great way to get more from your PSVillage membership.  Your contributions will help hone your skills, demonstrate your expertise to your peers, and enhance your credibility and professional image in the industry.  Below are just a few of the ways you can get involved with PSVillage.

Attend an Executive Breakfast or other Event: Network at a breakfast meeting where you can participate in a round-table discussion and share your experiences and best practices with other technology services managers who have P&L and staff responsibilities.

Submit a Tool or Template to our Library: Submit a method, model, guideline, presentation or other resource to our Library and receive a year of free Premium Membership for your contribution.

Take the Industry Benchmark Survey: If you have P&L responsibility, contribute to the community by taking the benchmark survey. Your response will be aggregated with all other responses to help services organizations measure their performance against their peers.

Write an Article:  Share your services expertise in an article or blog. Your document and photo will be published on the PSVillage home page for one week prior to going into the archives where it will continue to be accessible to members.

Present a Webinar or Submit a Video:  Are you more comfortable speaking than writing?  Let’s work together on a webinar. We will host the webinar and handle the logistics so you can focus on creating and presenting your slides and subject-matter content. Or record your presentation and submit a video for our website.  

Perhaps you are wondering:  How do I select a topic? Is my topic appropriate for the PSVillage audience?  What is an appropriate length and format for my submission?  Before investing a good deal of effort in an article, webinar, video or other contribution, contact us to discuss your proposal.

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