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Brilliant Customer Success: Managing the Customer Experience for Profitable Growth and Brand Dominance

Brilliant Customer Success Book Coverby James “Alex” Alexander

Customer success is an organization philosophy and strategy that, properly implemented, will build customer loyalty, drive profitable revenue, and create brand dominance. Brilliant Customer Success defines a performance model and outlines the customer success journey that is applicable to almost any organization whether traditional or cloud, large or small, profit or non-profit, in any industry or any geography. This research-based, experience-proven book is a clear, practical, and insightful guide for anyone serious about customer success.

Brilliant Customer Success:

  • Defines customer success and related terms in meaningful, actionable ways.
  • Provides a robust customer success model flexible enough to apply in most organizations.
  • Outlines the requirements and core, best, and brilliant practices for delivering customer success.
  • Predicts the potholes on the path to performance and point out how to prevent them.
  • Elaborates the changes organization leaders must implement to move from customer success “happy talk” to purposeful action.
  • Explains the important customer success similarities and differences between the traditional on-site license model and the recurring revenue model.
  • Describes the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindsets required of the personnel tasked with delivering customer success, whatever their title.
  • Shares the key actions that will speed and smooth the customer success journey.

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Transforming Business with Program Management: Integrating Strategy, People, Process, Technology, Structure, and Management

Business Transformationby Satish P. Subramanian, Principal, SolomonEdwards / M Squared Consulting

Organizations need to constantly innovate and improve products and services to maintain a strong competitive position in the market place. The vehicle used by organizations for such constant reinvention is a business transformation program. This book illustrates a tested roadmap along with the supporting comprehensive frameworks to successfully execute business transformation programs, formulated strategies, and strategic initiatives.

The author details the processes, techniques, and tools a business transformation team can customize and easily implement on any type of strategic initiative within the private or public sector environment to deliver and sustain the expected business outcomes and benefits.  The book will equip executives, general managers, and program managers with the skills necessary to plan and implement business transformation strategies that drive sweeping business change and innovation.

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Becoming the Best: Building a World-Class Organization Through Values-Based LeadershipBecoming the Best Book Cover

by Harry Jansen Kraemer Jr, Professor, Kellogg School of Management & Executive Partner, Madison Dearborn Partners

What does it mean in practice to be a values-based leader? When faced with real situations, how can you be your best self and create best teams—while also being a best partner with customers and vendors, a best investment for your stakeholders, and a best citizen making a difference in the world? It's a tall order, but these are the expectations for world-class organizations today.

In his bestselling book From Values to Action, Harry Kraemer showed how self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence, and genuine humility are the traits of today's most effective leaders. In Becoming the Best, Kraemer reveals how, in practical terms, anyone can apply these principles to become a values-based leader and to help create values-based organizations. Drawing on his own experiences as the former CEO and chairman of Baxter International, as well as those of other notable leaders and organizations, Kraemer lays out a pathway for understanding the principles and putting them into practice.

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The Seven Principles of Professional Services

The 7 Principles of Professional Services Book authored by Shane Anastasi

by Shane Anastasi, Vice President,

The Seven Principles of Professional Services details the prerequisite knowledge that every consultant must master when delivering complex professional services. Coupled with the author's and his industry colleagues' real life examples of success and failure, these principles provide every consultant with actionable guidance to improve their service quality. Professional services consultants are walking a dangerous high wire between the success of their customers and the ongoing success of their firm. To maintain balance and walk this tightrope successfully, a consultant needs a strong set of principles that can be relied upon in the heat of a customer engagement.

Through detailed analysis of his own experience as a consultant, a customer, and a professional services executive, Shane describes in detail the seven principles of professional services that have led him and others to repeated success. If you have been a consultant for ten minutes or ten years, this book will help you assess how well you deliver your service today and enable you to identify ways to elevate it in the future. Doing so will benefit your customer, your firm and your career.

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Tips From the Trenches The Collective Wisdom of Over 100 Professional Services Leaders BookTips from the Trenches: The Collective Wisdom of Over 100 Professional Services Leaders

PSVillage is proud to offer our community-developed book written by over 100 PSVillage members. This delightful book is chock full of tips - 165 of them to be exact - from developing a PS Strategy and Charter, to Services Marketing and Selling, to managing your offshore resources.  Premium members can download this book from the templates library or purchase a hard copy of the book on Amazon.


1. Strategy and Charter
2. Organizational Design / Human Resources
3. Business Operations
4. Services Methodology
5. Services Marketing
6. Services Selling
7. Services Delivery
8. Offshoring
9. Cross-functional Alignment

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