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Leveraging Multigenerational Services TeamsLeveraging Multigenerational Teams

Based on the distribution of staff in today’s workplace, you likely have a multigenerational team and the friction that goes along with it. You can improve how you manage that team. With a few specific steps, you can value the different perspectives that each generation brings to the workplace and maximize creativity, innovation, and business results.

In professional services industries, time is spent helping customers maximize value from your product or service. It is a people-intensive business. As leaders, none of us can afford the customer impact of turnover and reduced productivity that comes from internal friction among generations. While every situation is different, one thing is true: we can’t live with a revolving door of talent and be successful. Now more than ever, organizations need to consider and understand the differences between generations to be able to drive success.

This paper from PSVillage considers how a better understanding of generational differences can help drive better organizational performance. Highlights include:

  • The multigenerational workforce is the new norm
  • What does a multigenerational team look like?
  • Considering differences in the workplace
  • How multigenerational teams impact professional services
  • How you can leverage multigenerational differences

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Aligning Services Measures and Metrics to the Subscription (SaaS) Paradigm
SaaS Whitepaper Aligning Services Measures and Metrics to the Subscription Paradigm

Today many software companies and their Professional Services (PS) leaders are operating with subscription business models. More than half of the PS organizations surveyed in the most recent PSVillage Benchmark operate using this paradigm. In order to be successful there is a need to look at things differently. This includes how we organize, how we measure success, and what we do to ensure our customers have a long and productive relationship with our company. Results are impacted by what you measure, and yet today, many Services leaders are unfamiliar with the subscription paradiagm metrics and measures. When Services leaders better understand the metrics and the overall impact to the economics of a subscription business, PS teams are better able to contribute to overall company success.

This whitepaper explores some of the measures and metrics and some of the tools that will help you make sense of the subscription paradigm and what to do to adapt and thrive as a Services leader.

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Services Executive / CFO Alignment Survey

Partnering for Performance: The Importance of a Strong Executive / CFO Relationship

PSVillage Services Executive / CFO Alignment Survey CoverWhat are services leadership best practices, especially as they pertain to executive working relationships and collaboration? Do effective working relationships affect performance? And if so, how? In particular, does the services executive / chief financial officer (CFO) working relationship impact services’ performance results?

In an effort to answer these questions and more, PSVillage decided to launch a research project examining the services and finance leadership relationships and interactions and identify any performance impact. As part of this research, we conducted a brief survey asking services executives and services financial leaders about their working relationship, meeting cadence, and collaboration on services technology.

In this report, we present the survey results and correlations that emerged. The goal is to provide services executives and CFOs insight to the impacts working
relationships and process collaborations have on business outcomes, as well as recommendations for improvement.

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2014 PSVillage Professional Services Industry Benchmark Report

This report presents the high-level results from the 2013-2014 PSVillage Professional Services Indu2014 PSVillage Professional Services Industry Benchmark Reportstry Benchmark survey. The survey, completed by some 240 Professional Services Executives with P&L and staff responsibility in software/hardware companies or technology consulting firms, was designed to enable technology professional services organizations to measure their performance against their peers and to identify areas for improvement in human capital, finance, and operations management.

The primary intent of the survey was to capture for the first time a set of professional services human capital metrics that go beyond the typical salary surveys. Nineteen (19) roles across the professional services organization (in management, delivery, sales, and operations) were surveyed, capturing the following for each role: number of resources in the role, target billable utilization, average base salary, target bonus as a percent of base salary, billable rate per hour, years of professional services experience in the role, and average percent travel.  A rich set of financial metrics was also included in the benchmark, as well as key questions relating to pricing and investments in operations management.

With nearly 150 data points in the study—plus the ability to filter the data in numerous ways using various options for five different filters, not all the possible results will be presented.  You can view the actual benchmark results online here  and apply the filters that are relevant to you.  This report represents just a small subset of the actual results.  To purchase access to the online results, click here. In addition, qualified Premium members will receive complimentary 1-year access by completing the survey.

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2013 Survey of Professional Services Sales PracticesPSVillage Annual Survey of Professional Services Sales Practices

This report is based on a survey of over 100 PSVillage members that was conducted in May 2013. The survey asked members to identify their biggest challenges in selling Professional Services, as well as their solutions. We combined the survey results with perspectives from industry experts to create a report that’s full of actionable recommendations for anyone in a PSO or stand-alone Services company.  You must be a Premium Member to download this report.

The survey and report were developed as a collaborative effort between PSVillage and Mindshare Consulting.

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Metrics that Matter: A Study of Real-World KPIs as Tracked by Leading PSOs

Report: Metrics that Matter - A Study of Real-World KPIs as Tracked by Leading PSOs

Much is written about KPIs in professional services and consulting organizations, and the impact these metrics will have on operational effectiveness.While independent consultants and research groups identify a plethora of KPIs, services leaders find many to be esoteric. Meanwhile, small and mid-sized organizations find the universe of metrics to be overwhelming and costly to track.

In a recent survey, we asked services leaders what real-world metrics their PSO is tracking, and we analyzed that data to determine what differences exist between different types of PSOs, such as product and non-product based organizations.

In this report, we present the survey results while attempting to analyze the drivers behind them. The goal is to give PS leaders a realistic perspective of the metrics that are most likely to impact them.

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