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The Need for Metrics: The Key Metrics for PSOs in a SaaS and On-Premise Model

Much has been written about services metrics and KPIs, but do you know the essential metrics that you should track? How do these metrics differ between SaaS and non-SaaS organizations? How do they...

 by  Joe Longo, PSVillage Advisory Board Member

 tags:   WebinarProfessional Services Metrics in SaaS and non-SaaS organizationsProfessional Services KPIs

Always Know What Done Looks Like - Strategies for Keeping Your Team Focused on the End Game

In the complex business of professional services, it is sometimes more productive for us to get back to fundamental basics. Shane Anastasi, Vice President...

 by  Shane Anastasi, VP,

 tags:   Improving team performanceprofessional services deliveryWebinar

Key Techniques for Transforming Your Project Managers into Leaders

In this webinar, Joe Longo, VP for PSVillage and Michael Calkins, Senior Director at Teracore Inc, discuss the importance of developing leadership skills for Project Managers.


 by  Joe Longo, Mike Calkins

 tags:   leadership trainingproject management trainingWebinarreducing attrition

3 High-Impact Strategies to Increase Services Sales Within Your Existing Client Base

In this webinar, author and former Deloitte Partner, Michael McLaughlin, and Joe Longo, VP for PSVillage, share with you best practices for increasing services sales within your installed base....

 by  Michael McLaughlin, Joe Longo

 tags:   Webinarselling professional servicesincreasing services sales

5 Strategies for Bridging the Sales and Services Gap

In too many companies, Sales and Services organizations feud like the Hatfields and McCoys – with disastrous results.  Salespeople accuse their services counterparts of slowing the sales process...

 by  Carey Bettencourt, Managing Partner, Propelus

 tags:   Webinaraligning sales and servicesreducing friction between sales and services

Winning in the New Services World: Insights from the 2014 PSVillage Professional Services Industry Benchmark Study

The improving economy, the changing way services are being bought, and other trends were clearly reflected in the recent PSVillage Professional Services Benchmark Study.  But, some of the results...

 by  Brian Sommer

 tags:   WebinarPS salary trendPS salariesPS benchmark metrics

Driving a Customer-Centric Approach in Services: How New Trends Will Impact Your Services Business

Professional Services and Customer Success leaders must attend to many details. Keeping customers happy is at the top of the list. With many software companies moving to or adding a SaaS license...

 by  Irene Lefton

 tags:   Webinardriving a customer-centric services organizationhow to positively impact customer success

Working Effectively With Virtual Teams: How Services Leaders Can Leverage Tools & Techniques

In today’s global business environment it’s a given that Professional Services and Customer Success leaders will manage virtual teams. Virtual teams present particular challenges but there are...

 by  Irene Lefton

 tags:   Webinarmanaging a virtual teameffective tools for managing a remote workforce

Denver Executive Breakfast Highlights on Managing Human Capital Supply & Demand

Steve DiViney, Managing Director, College of American Pathologists, discusses:

(a) Importance of Domain Knowledge

(b) Off-shore...

 by  Steve DiViney, Managing Director, College of American Pathologists

 tags:   Executive BreakfastTrainingWebinar

Chicago Executive Breakfast Highlights on Managing Human Capital Supply & Demand

Jeffrey Piper, Chief Customer Officer, SpringCM, discusses:

(a) Forecasting Services Demand

(b) Dealing with Resource Shortages...

 by  Jeffrey Piper, Chief Customer Officer, SpringCM

 tags:   Executive BreakfastTrainingWebinar

Bay Area Executive Breakfast Highlights on Managing Human Capital Supply & Demand

Irene Lefton, Vice President, Solutions, ABBYY USA, discusses:
(a) Reserving Resources during Long Sales & Delivery Cycles

 by  Irene Lefton, Vice President, Solutions, ABBYY USA

 tags:   Executive BreakfastTrainingWebinar

Austin Executive Breakfast Highlights on Managing Human Capital Supply & Demand

Ray Wolf, VP Emerging Services, OpenSymmetry, discusses: 

(a) College Recruiting

(b) General Recruiting


 by  Ray Wolf, VP Emerging Services, OpenSymmetry

 tags:   Executive BreakfastTrainingWebinar